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    Vastu Puja

Problems Vastu is ancient architecture science. In ancient times the building were made according to the vastu so that all the five elements of the nature will become beneficial for us. Vastu is to keep all the bad energies away from us. If the vastu of any place is not good that a person usually have to face unnecessary problems. Thus it is necessary to make any building according to proper vastu. Every vastu dosha that a person is facing has some remedy. Thus vastu puja is the one of the possible solution of every dosha that a person is facing due to bad vastu.

Vastu Puja

Our pujari ji will perform the puja to bring peace and prosperity in that place. During vastu puja he will chant the mantras that will good to bring the positivity at the work place or home. All the vastu Shastra based defects can be removed with the mantras. The five elements those are affecting the life of a person become calm with the puja. Sometimes people do feel negativity at their place this will make it easy for a person to remove that with puja. Pujari ji will perform the puja by following proper rituals.

One can see the puja happening online. Pujari ji performs the online puja that no person has to worry about anything. If they are unable to attend the puja, pujari ji performs it on their behalf. In this vastu puja there are also many other puja included that helps a person to live their life happily and safe from troubles.

Grah Parvesh Puja

Grah Parvesh Puja: Grah Pravesh Puja puja is always done when a person enters in a new home. This puja is really very important to remove all kind of bad energies from the surroundings. A person does not have to face any kind of difficulty in that place. It is kind of the vastu puja that removes all the negativities of that house. One can bring the peace, happiness and prosperity in that place. Thus it is really very beneficial for every person to do Grah Pravesh puja before entering in the new house. Pujari ji performs all three different types of puja.

स्वर्गीय श्री श्रद्धानंद महाराज
Manglik Dosh Nivaran Puja

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