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    Rahu Shanti Puja

Problems In Vedic astrology Puja by the Vedas of Navagrahas is of high values. It has even been much beneficial of all the measures described in Vedic astrology. That’s why our pandit ji also help people with Rahu Shanti Puja. It actually also involves the use of mantras and rituals from the Vedic astrology. In fact the prevalence of performing this puja is increasing day by day among the people. Because whoever is using it is receiving benefits? Whether it is for Rahu or any other planet people prefer the chants of Ved mantras. As a matter of fact it has always been very helpful.

Rahu Shanti Puja

In general Rahu Shanti Puja is for reducing inauspiciousness of Rahu. There are also some people who have to work out inauspiciousness in their horoscope due to it. Well a special Puja is being arranged for it usually on Saturdays. The duration of this puja is seven days after which normalization comes back. In some cases people even has to extend it. Actually the more you make delays in the beginning the more it has to extend. So make use of it on time and take the benefits.

When it comes to perform Rahu Shanti Puja it is must to chant certain mantras fixed for it. Well you need not have to worry our pandit will guide you with every step of it. When you follow all the instructions which pandit ji will let you know. The result of this mantra is sure to bring positive result in your life. As this Puja not only has the main aim of eliminating the auspiciousness of Rahu. It is likely to bring fruitful results.

स्वर्गीय श्री श्रद्धानंद महाराज
Manglik Dosh Nivaran Puja

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