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    Ketu Shanti Puja

Problems When it comes to ancient Vedas, Ketu is the remaining mortal of Asura Rahu. Famous for being a half planet it also represents the completion of both good and the bad work. Well as per supernatural forces and spirituality concerns. It is malefic as well as benefic. Though astrological view it is apt for the forces that influence our birth chart. Due to which you will get unexpected results which you have never thought of. At that instant only Ketu Shanti Puja will bring prosperity in your life. Under proper guidance of our pandit ji you will even get good health. And reach spiritual heights.

Ketu Shanti Puja

Ketu Dosh actually arises in the natal chart of an individual. The person who gets afflicted with it is prone to accidents and even loss of property. Till you perform Ketu Shanti Puja with the help of our pandit ji. This puja involves various remedies with the doing of Siddha yantra puja for Ketu. Our pandit ji will arrange everything to help you in achieving benefits from it. After the puja will get completed the malefic effects of Ketu on you will start weakening.

As per ancient scriptures Lord Ganesha uses to remain in close contact with Ketu. Actually he uses to be the overlord of all his planets. So it is of course necessary that you must make use of Ketu Shanti Puja. But with the help of our pandit ji you can even take the advantage of worshipping Lord Ganesha. With his proper guidance you can even ward off the evil effects that were evident on you.

स्वर्गीय श्री श्रद्धानंद महाराज
Manglik Dosh Nivaran Puja

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