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    Gandmool Dosha Nivaran Puja

Problems There are 27 nakshatras out of which 6 nakshatras are considered as bad for a person. Those 6 nakshatras are Ashwani, Ashlesha, magha, revati, Jyestha and Moola. These are 6 nakshtra. If a cild took birth in any of these nakshtra then it is not good for that child and also for his parents. Thus this Gandmool dosh one has to remove as soon as possible. Gandmool Dosha Nivaran Puja has been done from ancient times for the betterment of the child. This is the specific pooja that should have to be done in particular nakshtra. There is need of different flowers, mud and the water of different wells during this pooja. There are many those who have to suffer a lot from the effect of Gandmool.

Gandmool Dosha Nivaran Puja

There are many concerns related to the effect of Gandmool. It is mean that a child born under the effect of Gandmool he has to face many obstacles. Thus if it is untreated then one has to face problems for life long. Never think that it only harms the child but family members also have to face troubles. Thus the bad effects of the Gandmool not only affect the person but also the natives also. Gandmool Dosha Nivaran Puja helps a person to remove the malefic affects of the planets and nakshatra. Some of the major affects of the gandmool are:

  • A person faces problem in the career and education
  • Problem related to their marriage
  • Problems in the financial stability
  • One has to go through really hard time
  • Creates the problems to the parents and relatives

Other than this there are many things that happen to a person under the Gandmool. Now, one can get the facility of online Gandmool Dosha Nivaran Puja. This pooja will remove the bad effects of those nakshtra. A person can consult online astrologer if he wants to make his life happy. An astrologer will do to puja and make the life of a person smooth. Thus by following some of the remedies also one can come out from the gandmool effect easily.

स्वर्गीय श्री श्रद्धानंद महाराज
Manglik Dosh Nivaran Puja

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