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    Chandra Grahan Dosha Puja

Problems Eclipse actually refers to the negative situations. This is the reason that we cannot ignore its side effects. In fact according to Vedas a person’s life gets affected by any of the Eclipse. The period of eclipse besides being good for some is even the worst for few ones. Now we will discuss how Chandra Grahan Dosha Puja will help you. Well as per old scriptures there is no solution for children, old and the ill ones for the eclipse. Still during the eclipse it is necessary to worship the moon. You can also worship Lord Shiva. He is actually supreme power and the lord of all worlds.

Chandra Grahan Dosha Puja

Eclipses have always been an auspicious time since ancient times. That’s why people use to wish something good in their life. But a few times these eclipses bring a terrible flaw in people’s life. It is necessary to take some precautionary steps. Jyotish Shastras say that the affects of Lunar eclipse stays with a person for up to 31/2 months. So it is necessary to perform Chandra Grahan Dosha Puja. Our pandit will even guide you with some mantras which are most beneficial. When it comes to avoid the adverse effects of eclipse?

You must have seen that when eclipse gets over. People start offering something. In fact as per the Shastras it has been beneficial and full of benefits. Actually if you are the victim of Lunar fault. They you need to perform Chandra Grahan Dosha Puja. When you take the guidance of our pandit he will suggest you a mantra. Being a Vedic one if you use it with determination it will give you fruitful results.

स्वर्गीय श्री श्रद्धानंद महाराज
Manglik Dosh Nivaran Puja

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