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    Ashta Laxmi Puja

Problems In Hindu religion Goddess Lashmi has eight divine forms. The eight forms which start with Adi Lakshmi concludes towards Vidya Lakshmi. These eight forms ought to have a particular source with them. Being only goddess of wealth Mata Lakshmi rules over all these eight sources. These eight sources are: prosperity, good health, knowledge, strength, progeny and power. Well if you do Ashta Laxmi Puja. All these eight sources dwell in your house. Due to which besides stable life you will receive no trouble in life.

Why Ashta Laxmi Puja

This puja has the main aim of bringing prosperity in all the dimensions of life. Well when you perform this puja under the guidance of our pandit ji. You will achieve wealth and better material comforts. The grace of Goddess is very powerful and blissful. If you perform this puja with full determination she will wash off all the wants from your life. It is in the sense that all your wishes will get fulfilled. This is the reason that whenever anyone with financial strain comes to our pandit ji. He always recommends them this puja for everlasting relief.

When to perform Ashta Laxmi Puja

Well people say that we must remember God every day. But being a special puja Friday is an auspicious day for it. Although performing this puja on the full moon day. That is Purnimashi is also chosen for fruitful results. At last if you perform this Puja with great devotion. All your cherished dreams and aims will get fulfilled.

स्वर्गीय श्री श्रद्धानंद महाराज
Manglik Dosh Nivaran Puja

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